Sunday, September 13, 2009

A pox on all their houses

. Sunday, September 13, 2009

The widget to the left is Google's All for Good widget, if you haven't added it to you iGoogle homepage you should should check out the organizations I post here as well. =(^ . ^)=.

What bothers me.....REALLY bothers me, are the comments left on that page.

Service? Anonymous - Sep 13, 2009
Here are some things to consider... When an act is done without coercion to help another, it is the most charitable. Reasonable human beings already know how to aid those in need. When state sponsored coercion is implemented it begins to smack of forced service, or a heavy recommendation. Freedom is the right of the individual to be free and do as they may, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of another to do the same.

Today is a day to give back. Find a service opportunity near you Anonymous - Sep 13, 2009
How about.. Feeling like helping out those less fortunate? Find out how. Don't TELL me I HAVE to give back, thank you. For me personally it's not really the gadget that pisses me off, it is the LINK on igoogle TELLING me I have to. Ignore it?

Libertarian drivel, I notice that the FreeDUMB loving POCs have no problems using Google's Free services...and they have the gaul to whine about having to ignore the call to do the right thing.

Another angry non user. Anonymous - Sep 13, 2009
You know what frustrates me about this little politically correct widget? I serve every day. Thanks Google for the reminder, but can you get it off my home page? Yes, I can ignore it, but can you get it out of my face?

You don't have to use iGoogle you know, I'm sure the largest, most technologically advanced internet company on the face of the planet will not miss a freaken leech.

leave us alone - Sep 13, 2009
If we want to volunteer, we can do a google search. Stop trying to "suggest" what we should be doing. Keep it up and we will all start boycotting your oversized, internet-hoarding asses.

Maybe he should try competing against them....I'm sure the plywood sign outside his trailer park would put the fear of gawd into Google.....LOSER.

This post will be updated so that all self-centered POC are shamed equally - Alex

The more things change.....


Same group of losers, different era.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Remembering Labour

. Monday, September 07, 2009

The picture to the left is the Haymarket Affair monument, on May Day 1886, the workers at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. in Chicago began a strike in the hope of gaining a shorter work day. On May 3, police were used to protect strikebreakers and a scuffle broke out; one person was killed and several others injured.

I walk past that mural whenever I take the Metra to visit friends living in Chicago's Pullman district; it pays homage to the workers at the Pullman Palace Car Company, who on May 11th, 1894 staged a wildcat strike in response to having their wages cut because of the depression of 1893. At the time, Pullman was a company town, so not only did the company cut wages to maintain profitability, it continued to extract pre-recession rent from those workers who lived in company-owned housing, and were forced to shop at the company store, which may or may not accept the company-issued script in which they were paid in "lean" times.

A national boycott was launched on June 26, 1894, within four days, 125,000 workers on twenty-nine railroads had quit work rather than handle Pullman cars effectively bringing railroad traffic west of Chicago to a halt, prompting president Grover Cleveland to order federal troops and marshals into Chicago, resulting in 13 workers being killed, and another 57 wounded.

It is the struggles of these men, and they were all men at that point in history, and others like them we commemorate today, all those who fought for the dignity and fair treatment of all who labour, from the lowliest of dirt farmers to hot shot financial analysts.

This labour day I’m pondering what the hell happened? How did America go from a nation of brave men such as these, fighting for what was right, to a nation of teabaggers, rednecks (who were and still are “scab” labour) and religious fruitcakes who are fighting against what would benefit labour – the right to organize and fight for higher wages and better working conditions, healthcare, education, clean air and water.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Fashonista Fridays is delayed

. Friday, September 04, 2009

and it's a good one too! But I'm fighting with stupid photo gallery and desktop blogging software that refuse to do what I tell them to.

Soo I'm posting this picture of *vampire* catgirls in the mean time.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Blame America.....and Jesus

. Thursday, September 03, 2009

Michael Wolf makes numerous valid points in his scathing commentary on Jaycee Dugard's kidnapping and subsequent 18 years of imprisonment...and how such things are an integral part of Christian conservative America's white trash culture.

Article here

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Catgirl Moving, but not today

. Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Love Blogger/Google as their stuff is easy to use and it just works, unfortunately, I don't have enough control over the back end(which is probably *why* it works). I had some plans for Catgirl Meowing when I came up with the idea this summer.

I wanted a blog, but more interactive...Kinda like a blog + knowledge portal + Intelligent social networking I have some of the pieces her - you can see what I'm reading - books, news articles, Interesting sites I've bookmarked, etc. but only a few of 5, and everything is on one main page.

I have to lay out the graphics and "more" links by hand which takes forever, then I have to go back and edit the auto generated tags as they are not quite right...not to mention how many times I had to tweek this template/CSS sheet, had to give up on my "Ask the catgirl" feature, imaginary gawds only know what happened to my streaming radio player, and I have a million call outs to web services, which are starting to make the site take forever to load.

Which is why I'm experimenting with hosted solutions like Wordpress or 2bEvolution, that support things like multiple pages (*gasp*) breaking my kitty vision into bite size pieces.

Like I said, it's going to be awhile before the move is offical, and the test site is going to change a bajillion times just like this one did back in July, but if you want a sneak peek--