Friday, July 03, 2009

A grown-up debate?

. Friday, July 03, 2009

From the Stephanomics blog, comment 22 by JadedJean

I'm constantly surprised that far more people don't see that this is what has obviously been engineered for years, but I suspect they are too depressed.
It should also be clearer that this has been the effect of increasing the numbers going into Higher Education from 5% of the cohort to 50%, as has feminizing the curriculum - which further reduces the likelihood of the country producing anything as females are not creative in that way. The mass education program has benefited those making loans and rentals etc, but it ha salso weakened the inteligentsia whilst swelling the lower half of the Gaussian curve through delaying motherhood amongst the brighter females. This has been further exacerbated by mass low-skilled immigration from Africa and S.Asia, people who, whilst grateful. and less discerning in what they buy and eagerly vote for yet more anarchism (sold to them as freedom through education which si alie as education doesn't raise intelligence because it's mainly genetic).
So the feminization of the British educational system will lead to economic ruin as women can not produce anything of value, unless the smarter women pop out more bright male children earlier, otherwise those simple minded immigrants from Africa and South Asia(a/k/a blacks/browns) will out breed native whites, leading to anarchy as genetically inferior people can not be educated.

It really is depressing......Jean's mentality that is, which is becoming more and more pervasive. The saddest part is he is trying to represent the left.


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