Friday, July 31, 2009

Fashonista Fridays - Treggings

. Friday, July 31, 2009

This week's installment of Fashionist Fridays is brought to you by Treggings.

What *are* treggings you ask? It's a European term that describes a cross between skinny jeans and leggings, which have a high lycra/spandex content and some other stretchy synthetic material such as rayon or polyester so they fit as snuggly as possible. They have been featured prominently on the catwalks the last few years.

Most on the market are glossy metallic in colour so it looks like they have been painted on, and thus the wearing is often subject to street harassment from couture philistines who refer to them as "stripper pants", especially when worn with "stripper shoes", such as these.

I'm featuring Brian Lichtenberg's Stripe in black in the slide show to the left,available exclusively at Read More »»

Metallics by LA Boutique

LA Boutique also has a silver leopard version =(^ . ^)=, all very reasonably priced at under 50 USD.

Nice job on the spotting pattern, I ordered a pair today.

Who I'd love to see enter the market is Sockingirl, but alas their leggings are not suitable for stand-alone wear(I tried, I ended up looking like I forgot my skirt ).

Costume Department has some similar patterns like the tye dyed one show below.

Reinforcing the point, treggings, as opposed to leggings/tights are meant to replace trousers, not serve as an under layer for skirts or shirt dresses are Bejeweled Leggings addition with a very LA airbrush look, the detailing is screened on.

Robin's Jean Black Lycra Leggings are a fitting close to this weeks Fashionista Friday, showing the other end of the spectrum - Jeans that pass for leggings. I have see a lot of generic glossy black liquid latex, this is a little nicer, to differentiate you from the crowd.


Alex Catgirl said...

dude, I'm sorry, that's. just. yuck.
(p.s. send me pictures if you're wearing these, thanks!)