Monday, August 10, 2009

All Hail Furi, Mighty Huntress!

. Monday, August 10, 2009

Today we honour my sister Furi,I'm an only child and she's been with me since I was a baby so she's the closest thing I have to a sibling, 19 years of meowing (that's 93 in kitty years).

Why are we honouring Furi today? I had gotten back from the beach and started to pick up the place (which is why Furi is pictured on the front steps instead of inside, it's kinda messy) when I hear this weird noise, followed by Sharky(my other kitty who will be featured one Caturday) chirping sounds and growls.

WTF, I go to see what it's about and Furi comes strolling over to me...with a mouse in her mouth! The weird noise being mouse squeaks....NO! Our flat is NOT a mousey hotel/flop house, they have to live outside.

Furi! Put the mouse down! Furi reluctantly does after I grab her mid section, but she guarded the mouse as I frantically ran around to find a box to put it in. Put mouse in shoe box, walked to park, freed mouse, walked home.

Get back home ....squeak squeak squeak......NO FRACKEN WAY, sure enough there is Furi with another mouse in her mouth giving Sharky the evil "*MY* mouse" look.....Coaxed mouse away from Furi, into box, walked to park,again, freed invading rodent.

Those rodents should be thanking their mousey gods that Furi, instead of Sharky, took an interest in them or I'd be picking out mousey fur out of my stuff...which would of been gross.