Sunday, August 09, 2009

National Institutes of Faith-based Health.

. Sunday, August 09, 2009

Francis Collins was unanimously confirmed as the head of NIH Friday, making America appear as the land of the religious dullards to developed world yet again.

While competent, sometimes exceptionally so, in his area of expertise, he has "missed it" on more than one occasion, as an administrator he is mediocre, at best, and as an advocate for biomedical science, someone please shut him up before he sticks his foot in his mouth...again.

It would be foolish to assume his obsession with reconciling genetics with his belief in an imaginary angry patriarchal, often genocidal, sky god would not influence his professional work, especially when he has gone on at length about how he sees the creator's work in it.

Consider the following ABC interview titled "Can Christianity and Science Coexist"

Gawd gave us two books

Once you've accepted the idea of a God, who is the creator of all the laws of nature, might, at unique moments in history, decide to invade the natural world and suspend those laws; it's not really a logical problem.