Friday, August 07, 2009

Fashonista Fridays - Leather and Lace

. Friday, August 07, 2009

Behold the source of The great spring 2009 global shoegasm - Coppelia Pique's Lace Stilettos.

They were suppose to be available by the fall, but alas Coppelia Pique's website still consists of a single page saying they will be back on line soon, and a email form for inquires, meaning couture shoes at 2,400 GBP a pair.... They are not *that* nice.

But as lace shoes are a big deal yet again this season, a number of comparable offerings have emerged, both good and bad. More inside the fold »»

I was out looking earlier, at boutiques, high end retailers and on line, two favourites are shown below, but keep in mind that lace, the real kind, is a delicate material, thus your venue choices are limited.

Laurence Dacade's Omage Heel in Black Lace

My personal pick as they are mostly leather

Made in Italy, Lace and leather upper with leather sole
10 cm heels

Jimmy Choo 'Faye' Lace Pump

I tried these on at Nordstrom, very nice, but as the picture on the left suggests, they are delicate. Made in Italy, leather and lace uppers,leather lining and sole 8.5 cm heel.

My taste in shoes is on the high side of the scale, not because I'm snobby, but you really do get what you pay for. Both Dacade and Choo use the best material money can buy and their products are made by craftsmen.

I looked at a quite a few mid-range, department store and 'speciality' label "lace" heels, that ran up to 325 USD that were made of Nylon/Vinyl or cheap leather, and the lace was more like plastic embroidery on translucent scaffolding.